Timber processing machinery that we manufacture (See below for photos and click here for a Youtube playlist of some of our machines)

  • Automated tree planting machinery

  • Cut to length Machine controllers -

    • keypad & Touchscreen batch quantity & cut to length.

    • and Microsoft Excel cut list Just in Time length cutting.

  • Raptor Linear Saw - A 5 axes Computerised Compound Mitre Saw for cutting and trenching roof truss and wall frame members.

  • Gangnail dispensing systems

  • Nailplate presses and pressing.

  • Nailplated timber splicing or buttjoining machine.

  • Automated Scaffold plank tester to AS 1577. Manual plank testers to AS 1577.

  • Splay beam assembling machine. 2 axes.

  • In-line timber tension testing and tensile stress grading machines.

  • Knot detection, docking, finger jointing and proof testing.

  • Compact Portable Auto Sawmill - for 1.2m diameter hard and softwood logs.

  • Survey stake point cutter.

  • High speed hardwood lamella gangsaw ripping and docking.

  • 2017/2018 - timber framing machinery.

    • The Boa - automated Timber web floor truss machine - available to order now. Throughput 500m/day per man + occasional forklifting raw materials and completed trusses.

    • CB - automated Metal web floor truss machine. Throughput 500m/day per man + occasional forklifting.

    • Super nailplate handler high speed nail plate dispenser

    • 2D Beehive frame router.

    • Auto wall plate drilling machine.

    • Raking wall framer

    • Frame wall cladder

  • 2019 -

    • prefabricated housing machinery

    • automated tree planting machinery

Youtube playlist

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