Our guiding vision was established way back in 2001 and it is "To help build a Society Based on Wood".

This vision has recently evolved to align with a phrase from Ernest Hotsch the creator of Syntropic Agriculture about his system. “The byproduct of producing food is wood and good soil".

We call this a Treetopia - an attractive and revitalised community based around a food forest. A community providing meaningful jobs growing organic food by using trees. See the first pic below.

Meanwhile time has totally run out to reverse our CO2 emissions and so we the people of this planet have to pursue building Treetopias as soon as we can. You and I by the choices we have made and things we buy have warmed the world 1.5deg in one century. See the second pic below to see what 4deg looks like which is where we are headed - it is not nice. It was found after this chart was developed that West Antarctica is very volcanic so we may not be living there after all.  MZ3 is lucky to be in West Australia which will get wetter but a lot of displaced people will need to move here with us.

MZ3 has started working toward creating Treetopia #1 for regional WA ahead of our climate getting wetter by using our design, process efficiency and machine building skills to help build high structural quality, low cost, fast to erect houses. Houses like these will be an important part of a Treetopia as you can see in the first pic below. We have started from the end first as people building and working in a Treetopia will need homes.

There are going to be many challenges to overcome along the way but here we go!