Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs drives us all. Our basic needs are Shelter, Food and Water. MZ3 has been involved in the Shelter or building industry since 2005 processing wood and lightweight steel.  In 2015 MZ3 took tentative steps in the Food and agriculture industry to assist in the transition to sustainable, permanent and regenerative agriculture.  In 2016 MZ3 started work on a solar weeder and tree planting machine to assist in a goal of regenerative agriculture reclaiming degenerated farm and rangelands into productive agro forests. In 2017 we began commercialisation of an integrated range of compact footprint, highly efficient machines to assist in the manufacture of prefabricated buildings. In 2018 we successfully delivered on this project and are continuing to develop this into 2019. In 2019 we hope to finally be able to help take positive action against man made climate change using our solar weeder and tree planting machine.

MZ3's founder's vision since 2001 is “to build a society based on wood”.  His belief is that we need to live more sustainably by using renewable energy and renewable materials such as timber and to reduce our use of finite resources which are drilled or mined. Therefore when we can, we help to develop tree planting and timber milling and processing machines. We believe agroforestry or food forests, combining the growing of wood and food is the only sustainable path for humanity to take.

Our history:
Since the founding of MZ3 in 2005 we have designed and supplied machinery for the timber fabrication industry to help timber compete more effectively with non sustainable materials.

  • 2008. Developed a fastener free, resorcinol glued timber floor panel and a prefabricated stair system for industrial mezzanine floor kits.

  • 2009. Acquired a Resorcinol glue manufacturing plant with formulas originally developed by the CSIRO for Australian timbers. The plant was originally owned by Norm Town in NSW, then in WA by Bunnings and Prochemsol before us.  We now manufacture Resorcinol resin adhesive for in-house use.  This is a long proven,  high strength, waterproof, structural timber adhesive used for marine timbers (rudders, oars, yachts), high strength exposed structural timber glu-lam beams (pedestrian bridges), laminated posts, finger-jointed timber, rollercoaster framework and even aircraft propellors.

  • 2010 to 2017. Helped a customer test and develop new lightweight, low embodied CO2, metal building products.  In 2011 we invented and built three machines to make these products which we then operated for the customer, on a piece rate contract.

  • 2008 to 2018.  Amongst a wide range of wood machines we have developed an automated portable electric sawmill, linear multi cut wood saws, picker placers, pack stackers and destackers, nail plate presses and timber strength testing machines.

  • 2011 - 2012. Painting and curing machine. Composite hardwood timber floorboard, lamella ripping, asssembly, hotmelt rollcoating and pressing machine. Fingerjointer with machine vision knot detection and in-line proof tester.

  • 2013. High speed timber buttjoiner. Heavy duty transfer conveyor system.

  • 2014. Dual robotic welder with vertical indexing jig.

  • 2015.  A seed sorting and a precision air seeder for Kimseed. Commenced development of a tracked robotic beehive handling machine.

  • 2016. Vegetable processing equipment. Started work on a high speed tree planting machine to assist in regenerative agriculture to reclaim marginal farm, rangelands and man-made deserts into productive agro forests. Started commercialisation of a comprehensive range of integrated machinery for making prefabricated buildings.

  • 2017. Developed the Boa timber web floor truss machine. Built a prototype solar powered vegetable row crop weeding machine. Developed a Mk4 automated linear lightweight beam machine. Triple decoilers, infeed web corrugator and web cutoff plasma, dual auto tracking welders with MZ3 weld torch system, laser web profile tracking, dual split rollformer - any beam height, rotary cutoff saw. Developed high speed auto docking saw.

  • 2018. Developed 6 axes lightweight beam flange plasma with corrugated web circle cutting capability. Developed the Super nailplate Handler. Developed 2D Beehive frame router. Built DIY CNC lathe and CNC milling machine. Developed auto wall plate drilling machine.