Timber processing machinery that we manufacture (See below for photos and click here for a Youtube playlist of some of our machines)

  • Cut to length Machine controllers -
    • keypad & Touchscreen batch quantity & cut to length.
    • and Microsoft Excel cut list Just in Time length cutting.
  • Raptor Linear Saw - A 5 axes Computerised Compound Mitre Saw for cutting and trenching roof truss and wall frame members.
  • Gangnail dispensing systems
  • Nailplate presses and pressing.
  • Nailplated timber splicing or buttjoining machine.
  • Automated Scaffold plank tester to AS 1577. Manual plank testers to AS 1577.
  • Splay beam assembling machine. 2 axes.
  • In-line timber tension testing and tensile stress grading machines.
  • Knot detection, docking, finger jointing and proof testing.
  • Compact Portable Auto Sawmill - for 1.2m diameter hard and softwood logs.
  • Survey stake point cutter.
  • High speed hardwood lamella gangsaw ripping and docking.
  • 2017/2018 - timber framing machinery. 2019 timber framing, wall and roof, plants.
    • The Boa - automated Timber web floor truss machine - available to order now. Throughput 450m/day per man, potential for 500m/day per man + occasional forklifting raw materials and completed trusses.
    • In development - automated metal web floor truss machine. Available to order from January 2018. Projected throughput 500m/day per man + occasional forklifting.
    • Auto Jack - automated jack press or jack table press for simple Y jack trusses - available to order now. Projected throughput 3 jacks per minute.
    • Timber Rollformer or timber extruder - continuously fingerjointed infinite length, 100% proof tested joins, timber maker 90&120 x 35. Join low cost shorts into high value tension tested longs of any length. Available to order now.
    • Armadillo floor cassette maker.  Available to order from January 2018. Full automated floor cassette maker. Auto pucking, joist placing, glueing, sheet placing and nailing and with auto cassette stacking option. 

Youtube playlist

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