For kits less than 25kg with faster service and to avoid high freight costs we suggest Eastern States customers requiring resorcinol glue contact Nightingale Supplies in Brisbane.  Note: This is an alternate product and is not Resobond.

For 25kg Resobond kits in Western Australia contact us direct.

MZ3 Resorcinol resin - Resobond heavy duty Type 1 Grade A Resorcinol [Defn] resin kits are manufactured in Western Australia and are used for high strength timber joining and exposed or structural applications. See here for more information on the  Resobond range of Resorcinol Resins and Hardeners.

Typical uses include laminated beams, composite floor panels, marine, structural glu-lams and exposed timber applications. 
The Resobond range of resorcinol glue has been specially formulated to provide performance on difficult to glue timbers such as Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Brush Box and other dense Australian and Asian hardwood species. The range also includes adhesives that give high quality bonds on softwoods such as pine.

All Resobond adhesives are based on resorcinol formaldehyde technology and are manufactured from premium quality raw materials to exacting standards.

Resobond adhesives have been tested to a variety of National and International Standards and shown to conform to the requirements of Australian/ New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1328.1:1998 Type 1 Grade A adhesives for weather proof and boil proof structural glue laminated timber structures.

All of the Resobond resorcinol resins require the addition of a hardener for full cure, and various neutral fillers may be specified.
The resins are not classified as dangerous goods, however since the hardeners generally contain paraformadehyde, they are classified as dangerous goods (flammable solid). Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets for details of precautions, handling, storage and disposal.

MZ3 Resobond Technical Information Sheet [PDF]

Important! Material Safety Data Sheets. A3 Resin, P4 hardener

Please NOTE: We only sell direct from our factory in Perth Western Australia, we generally ONLY supply in the following kit sizes - 
and we only keep Resobond A3 and P4 in stock.

Glue kit prices:

25 kg Kit  A$ 423.00 + GST excluding packing and freight. Covers 40-80 sqm.
20kg (20l drum - 31cm dia x 36cm H) Resobond A3 resin
  5kg (11l drum - 23cm dia x 27cm H) Resobond P4 hardener
NOTE: As one of the ingredients in the powdered hardener is classed as a Dangerous Good, Class 4.1
the minimum freight charge for this kit is $175 + GST to East Australian Capital Cities

For a 282 kg Kit.  225kg Resobond A3 resin (200litre drum) + 56kg (110litre) Resobond P4 hardener

Please Email for pricing for this kit and include your shipping address and contact phone number .