High strength, lightweight, West Australian made from 100% Australian Made materials, engineer certified. MZ3 low cost- industrial mezzanine floor panels and mezzanine floor kits - preassembled steel and plywood mezzanine floor panels - we can supply engineer certified systems above 200sqm, suit Do it Yourselfers or we can help obtain council approvals and install systems over 500sqm. Please note due to volume freight costs it is not viable to ship our systems to the Eastern States. 

NEW DESIGN - larger footprint panels are lower cost and slash mezzanine floor panel and mezzanine floor kit install times.  Standard panel size is 14.4sqm, 2.4m wide x 6.0m span, weighs only 240kg and can support 5kPa or 7.2tonnes. 300 or 500kg/sqm rated floor panels - 14.4 square metres area from only $140/sqm for panels only. Our high strength, super lightweight steel panel joists are made in house. Heavy duty plywood floor sheets are then bonded and screwed to the joists with structurally rated glue to make high strength, creak free, prefabricated panels. One 14.4sqm mezzanine floor panel only takes 20 minutes to install.

We can also supply engineer certified mezzanine floor kit systems with all bracing required for earthquake loads.  We supply timber or steel prefabricated stairs, steel panel support beams and steel support columns all fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)!  Note: We are a component supplier only. Council planning and building approvals for each specific site are the responsibility of the owner or installer.

Our mezzanine floor panels and mezzanine floor kits are High strength, Low cost and Fastener free

  • Do it yourself - only requires basic skills to erect, comes with step by step instructions
  • Very Low profile - maximises head room above and below the floor
  • Optional ply ceiling lining creating inbuilt cavity for cables and plumbing
  • VERY Strong - panels can be designed to support vehicle loads - our panels are rated at 500kg per square metre.
  • Very Stiff - our panels do not deflect as much as common steel mezzanine floors.
  • Tongue and groove ply flooring can take much higher point loads than particle board
  • Sustainability and Environment. Very low embodied energy - uses custom made low CO2 lightweight steel beams and plantation timber tongue and groove plywood flooring.
  • Energy efficient - the cavity floor panel design with optional bonded ceiling , does not conduct heat or sound like traditional metal mezzanine floors
  • Lightweight - easy to transport, handle and install - typical 14.4sqm panel weighs only 240kg yet can carry 7.2 tonnes!
  • Workable - can be easily cut and fastened on site with common power tools.