MZ3 is a mechatronic engineering company based in Perth Western Australia. Since 2005 we have been inventing, designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and operating customised machines. Our customers operate in a wide range of industry sectors.

What does the 3 in MZ3 mean;

  1. Care for the land, water and air - CO2 reduction is one of our targets through reforestation.
  2. Care for the plants and animals - through reforestation we want to help stop and prevent species loss.
  3. Care for people - we want to help provide meaningful jobs and a right livelihood - we automate repetitive, dangerous, dusty and noisy processes and are working to build job opportunities that are closer to our roots in nature. 

Some of the biggest problems in the world today can be solved simply by planting trees.

Our mission is - to help build a society based on wood.

Sustainability is defined how efficiently we use our resources  X  the amount of resources we each use  X  our population.

MZ3 works on the efficient use of resources.  We make machines that specifically encourage the efficient use of wood and even some lightweight steel in buildings (our shelters).  We encourage organic agroforestry and keeping manufacturing local. To ensure there is enough wood for the future we are developing a high speed tree planting machine. This machine will quickly cover large areas during the planting seasons to help reclaim degenerated farm and rangelands and man-made deserts.