MZ3's vision is to help build a sustainable society based on wood.

MZ3's mission is to rediscover or invent technology to help make this happen.

Bill Mollison, the father of permaculture, said "the problem is the solution."

Our impact on Earth can be defined by the formula: IPAT or Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology
If the whole population of the world lived as affluently as we do we would need 5 planets.
The solution to this problem is that our large population also means there is a large amount of goodwill and a lot of willing hands to combine old and new knowledge technology to sustainably deliver affluence to everyone with one planet.

To do this we have to develop:

  • Sustainable shelter, organic food and water.
  • Sustainable energy.
  • and while we are at it, in TrumpSpeak, lets make earth beautiful again!
  • colonising Mars is a good backup plan but the rest of us will just have to fix our yard.

How can we do this - by using existing simple technology:

  • Build only in natural materials - stone, mud and wood. Plant more trees to provide shade and shelter from strong winds where we live.
  • Grow organic food without artificial seeds, fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. Food forests are the solution. Harvest tree loppings as mulch and use wood char after burning for energy to add to the soil. Recycle all our wastes.
  • Stop all rapid water runoff over bare surfaces. Make the soil a soft sponge like it was in the past with leaf mulch and grasses and slow and shade the flow of water through the landscape to keep streams and springs flowing and aquifers recharging year round.  
  • Wood is nature's battery. It is 16X more energy dense than Lithium Ion batteries with no mining or processing required. It is Carbon Neutral. While growing it absorbs CO2 and only releases the same amount when burnt for energy and it is renewable unlike fossil fuels.
  • Want to make earth beautiful again.  Be patient and kind to each other, make attractive buildings and things, plant and harvest a mosaic of diverse forests and grasslands not barren monocultures.  Look after the water in the landscape.

You can see the pattern is to plant more trees and food crops amongst them and then actively manage and harvest these food forests.

The world has a net loss of 14bn trees per year so there is a lot of planting to be done just to replace those and then we have to plant much more to offset the tree losses over the past few thousand years.  So we need more trees. A lot of them.  We have been deforesting for a long time. The ancient Greeks lost to the Macedonians because they had deforested so much their lances were shorter. 

How do we get more trees?

MZ3 is a technology company or machine maker based in Perth Western Australia. We are obsessed with process and machine efficiency.  Since 2005 we have been inventing, designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and operating customised machines that improve efficiency. Our customers operate in a wide range of industry sectors but mainly wood.

What does MZ3 mean.

The MZ means Machine Zoo as we have built a lot of different machines. Deforestation is one of the biggest problems in the world today and can be solved simply by using renewable materials like wood and replanting trees. We want to help make that happen so the 3 means;

  1. Care for the land, water and air - Reforestation will restore soils, retain water in the landscape and remove CO2 from the air.
  2. Care for plants and animals - Reforestation provides habitat to help stop and prevent further species loss.
  3. Care for people - provide meaningful jobs, a right livelihood and a nice place to live - we can automate tedious, dangerous, dusty and noisy jobs and provide clean and green job opportunities in plant nurseries, tree planting, food and timber forestry and provide nice places to live in food forests near these job opportunities.

MZ3 works to help improve how efficiently we use of resources.  We make machines that specifically encourage the efficient use of wood and occasional lightweight steel in buildings (our shelters).  We encourage organic agroforestry and local manufacturing. To help restore the environment and ensure there is enough wood for the future we are developing high speed tree planting machines designed to rapidly reclaim degenerated farmland, rangelands and man-made deserts.